names on industrial roads

in industrial areas the public roads are not residential as I assume residential means the roads where people primarily reside. They don’t appear to be primary, secondary or tertiary either.
I would at first guess assume that highway=service would be the correct choice… …For access roads to, or within an industrial estate, camp site, business park, car park etc.
Most of these are named in my area but if you use highway=service the name does not show on the map.
Small public lanes in cities also have names but if highway=service is used the name doesn’t show.

Should I use highway=unclassified or highway=road in these situations.

From the above links I think I should be using highway=unclassified for named roads like these

Is this correct?

unclassified is a good choice.

for minor (dead end) roads you can use service.

hw=road is for mapping roads where you don’t know the actual type of road. Navigation software is ignoring them.

thanks Chris
that is good guidance.

For roads tagged as highway=service and name, the name is shown on the map. At least it is for me, on the “Standard” map on Maybe you could link to an example of where the name doesn’t show?

The difference between highway=unclassified and highway=service is not always obvious, it may depend on the standards for that country and area. Both types of roads may or may not have names.
But I would say if it is a public road, open for anyone to drive along, and maintained by the local council/government, with usual road markings etc, then it is probably highway=unclassified.
Whereas if it is a road just to a single business/house/car park, maybe private access, then its probably highway=service.

For an industrial estate, I would probably map the main access roads as highway=unclassified, with highway=service roads branching off to each business.

You are correct.
I have been spending too much time in josm where the name disappears on changing from hwy=unclass to hwy=service in my setup and I thought I checked this earlier on osm but I see now that osm displays the name in both cases.
Thanks, I am in agreement with your other points.