Names of ways within squares; What is 'official' mapping practise

Sorry for posting in English in the Italian community but I do not speak Italian whereas the issue might be related to Italy.

I am currently on holiday in Italy and add tags via the StreetComplete App, which makes that task easy by presenting missing tags in (mostly) easily answerable questions.
One of that questions concerns the name of streets or pedestrian zones (thus “highways”). SteetComplete ask this question also for “highways” within a named square (i.e. place=square and name tag set).
The tags added by me via StreetComplete were removed several times by fayor see (with the discussion on this topic with Fayor) and .

According to Fayor removing the name tags on those highways needs to be done to maintain “One feature, one OSM element”. I consider this argument strange because then also the highways themselves would need to be removed (they are probably just there to allow routing over the square but that leads to strange results if they are not named).

I am definitely not an expert mapper (I do basically everything via StreetComplete) so I raised the issue at the StreetComplete developers ( because it is rather annoying to get the results of one of the more complicated questions reverted and if “no names to highways within named squares” was official policy, also StreetComplete should follow it to avoid the next guy coming to the same square using StreetComplete to add the tags again. The StreetComplete developers say that in their opinion StreetComplete does things correctly.

Since this name tag removal never happened to me in other countries (or maybe I didn’t notice it there) this might be an Italian speciality, so my question to the Italian community:

Is it really correct that (at least in Italy) highways within named squares should not have an own name tag (with the name of the square)?

Examples (from the above changesets):

Note that it was discussed on (Telegram account is required) and conclusion is that such name removal is incorrect.

I reverted mentioned edit in and restored correctly mapped names.

Ok, then sorry for duplicating things here.
But apparently having a Telegram account is not enough to read the given URL.I have one and am told that only members of that chat can see the posts.

On the right side of the name input, there is a little ▼ and when you tap on it, it displays the names of nearby roads. With this, it should take you just two taps to add the right name for an unnamed road segment adjacent to a named road segment.