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I found a strange thing on OMS.

What mean Tito? It is error or joke?

I can’t understand…

As you can see on aerial photos, there is such writing made of stones there.

Debatable if its really “TITO” or “TTT O” with the tops of the 't’s locking together, if you know what i mean. But its possible to leave it like that if no one bothers. Its not imagined, there is something and some see TITO, some will see TTT O.

EDIT: Okay, i checked now in JOSM with Bing images, it is “TITO” :smiley: ESRI is “TTT O”

The place could be also mapped as

Some another examples:
“Ленин” - “Lenin
“Ленину 100 лет” for Lenin 100 year anniversary (in 1970)

business listing available on this platform? and these website are listing map more than 1?

Generally speaking, no.

If a business exists as a physical building such as a shop, then you can map that, but otherwise no.

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I was not facing this tito error, but yeah, I now have got an insight to it. Thank you.