Name of unnamed administrative object in Azerbaijan

Hello. I’m doing an administrative map of the world and I’m using OSM data for such task. I’m writing here because I can’t find the part of the forum meant for questions to Azerbaijanis.

My question is, what is the name of the administrative object that was created here:

I also opened a note, but I know it takes ages for some notes to be solved(if they ever are).
Additionally, what can be done in the case of unnamed administrative objects? I’m assuming that for a place to be called an administrative object on OSM it is an administratively defined element, so the lack of a name is quite strange. How can I begin to address such cases?

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day!

Looks like you’ve answered your own question and updated the data: .

The history of the objects here is in and .

True, I answered my original question, but I still don’t know how to solve future repetitions of this problem. What do I do when I find more unnamed administrative objects? Just dig through the history of the object and hope for a lead?

Best regards!

I think you are asking about the world in general here, not Azerbaijan in particular? For many countries you could probably get help through various country-specific forums, mailing lists, and other channels, many of which can be found in the OSM Community Index .

(Then again, maybe the countries with active community channels are also less likely to have unnamed administrative regions, so perhaps that won’t help much in practice).

Yes, pretty much. The challenge with your relation is that it’s in a recent war zone, and language “edit wars” went on in OSM at the same time as the actual shooting war went on outside it. The node in your relation seems to have kept its main name tag though: .

Yes, that’s right. I’m asking about the world in general.
I see, I had heard about the mailing lists but never explore them or participated myself. I’ll be checking out the links you sent me, thanks a lot!

I see…I had no idea! Time to get up to speed with what’s going on…
Thanks for letting me know!