Name of street+bridge

My situation is the following:
A street crosses a river, so there is a bridge. The street has a name (and eventually a ref), e.g. Hundelgemsesteenweg (N444). The bridge has a name as well, e.g. Ter Handbrug. Is there a way to tag both the name of the street and the bridge? Is there something like “name:bridge”?

bridge_name=* seems to be the most common in Europe*, with 50 occurences, but name:bridge also appears, with 8 occurences.

Normally I would break the way to create a way that only covers the bridge and tag that with name=[bridge_name]

The most flexible solution is probably a bridge relation: You’d create a relation with the tags
and an “across” member that is the part of the street that runs across the bridge.

There are 712 occurences of bridge relations in Europe. Not all of them have name or ref tags, though.

Or use a relation:

I have an example where you have two signs (both “street name-signs”): one with the name of the street and directly below another one with the name of the bridge. So one name is not a solution.

I will go for a bridge relation. Thanks for the help.

AFAIK, it doesn’t render at the moment.

Nor does name:bridge, bridge_name or anything else except (ab)using the street’s name tag for the bridge name. But it should indeed be mentioned that renderers are still missing that feature.