Name of street and number of buildings

Hello everybody, I wanted to ask you guys if OSM maps provide information about building numbers and so on. I am currently downloading the map from OSM and with using Garmin GPSMAP 62S, I cannot see number of bulding when I zoom in… Maybe there is something to tweak in the settings.

Thanks for your answer in advance.

It depends. OSM data has house numbers where contributors have mapped them, in some places door by door, in other places interpolated, and in some other places nothing. It also depends on the configuration used to build the garmin map from OSM data.

Usually iff addresses exist there will be a separate garmin img for the address data.

Maybe one piece of clarification: Openstreetmap is a big project with many uses but it is essentially a database. Different providers use the OSM data to build their own maps and apps. If you download a Garmin map this map is not provided by OSM themselves but by some third party. You have to get in contact with them to ask what they specifically include in their maps.

Another hint: housenumbers are typically not rendered but available for address search. The garmin img format allows to search for
number N in road A in city B (in country C), and if that number is mapped the search will return a place close to that. Also,
if numbers 3,5, and 9 are mapped for a given road the search will interpolate the position when you searach for the missing 7.

thanks guys for your answers! The thing is that when I open website I can clearly see the house numbers, but when I open the very same map on my Garmin GpSMap 62S device, its just a blank house… Any particular settings you may know that can change it?