Name not rendering

Anyone got any ideas on why I cannot get the name on way #23364227 to render. The only way I can get it to be visible is to remove the tunnel that is underneath it!

The rendering of the map is driven by a number of rules. E.g. names are not shown when they overlap. I don’t know which rules are applicable here, but there is nothing you can do besides proper mapping/tagging.

So just make sure that the name is on the square and please do not remove the tunnel below it.

ps a direct link to the way: (right now the name is visible, is the tunnel still removed ?)

I have not uploaded any changes. I have just been experimenting in various editors. If I follow the link you posted the name of the square is not rendered, only the names on the underpass and the two bus stops. Could this be a browser issue? Is any part of the rendering process run on the client? I will visit the site and check if the name underpass is actually visible on the ground anywhere.

Rendering of the map tiles is done offline. Editors render client side and may render differently. As a general principle you should not map for the renderer and you should accept that the renderer may not make the same choice as you.

However, it seems unlikely that there is a road called “Underpass”. Unless that is the official name of the road (you should be able to tell the difference between signs that describe the feature and those that name it), the name tag should be deleted. However, as this depends on exactly how it is signed, it would be better to do this by an on the ground survey, rather than to rely on local_knowledge.

Whilst removing the name=Underpass tag will probably remove the conflict for displaying the name of the square, you should not remove it for that reason, but only if it really is only a description, and not the name, of the feature.