name, name:he tags

Hi all,

I noticed a convention of using Hebrew in the ‘name’ tag, with ‘name:en’ in English, and then ‘name:he’ in Hebrew again. I’d like to discuss the merits of this convention, to see if it needs to be kept.

Pro - ‘name’ is in the ‘local’ lingo, and is used by default when rendering the map
Cons - duplication of information

Another option would be to use Hebrew for ‘name’, and abandon ‘name:he’.

What do you think? Which convention should we follow?

The convention in use is perfect and have a reason

The Name tag needs to present the locally used name
all the name:lang_code are necessary to present all the possible variation in all the languages, in case someone would use a particular language in a map rendering.

The convention is: if no specific-language name are defined, the renderer fallback to name

please, keep the actual convention

One more reason to ‘duplicate’ information:

Sometimes, we have names with different pronouncements in the same language. For example:

name = הר אריכה
name:en = Har Arikha
name:en1 = Har Aricha
name:he = הר אריכה
name:he1 = הר אריכא

If we use name:he for the second pronouncement only, and not have name:he1, there will be an unwanted difference between two renderings: one with name:he as primary and name as default, and one with name only.

To avoid this, we need to ‘duplicate’ name and name:he for Hebrew names.

That is a good point!

When there are several (for whatever reason) Hebrew names, then the “name:he” tag must be the same as the “name” tag.