Name:lang copy

Looks like tag “name” has been copied in “name:uk” without translation, nor transliterating. I checked just few of them in changeset

Can we consider such edit as correct if target tag is missing?

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Probably because of this.

Well, the paragraph above the target of your link specify that you should not add localized names when only one language is needed.

I guess it can be seen as iterative mapping, when you know some object will get names in other languages.

I have no idea if this is the case here though.


It seems that this user is automatically copying between name tags, so that the name and name:uk tags are the same. This wouldn’t be a problem for edits Ukraine without Crimea, but most edits seem to be in Crimea.

I understand the anger of Ukrainians about the current war, but to prevent edit wars there is a DWG resolution for such edits.

The edits seem to violate points 3 and 4.

From 3. Edits changing place names between languages:

The “on the ground” rule remains the method of determining the appropriate value for the name tag. The name tag should only changed in response to a change of most of the signage, a change in what the inhabitants of the place call it, or to fix a place name that was previously incorrect. These changes must not be made on the basis of government declarations or similar statements, but only direct observations of the on the ground situation.

Because Crimea has be ruled by Russia for the last 9 years, signage will be in Russian, not in Ukrainian. The on the grond rule is clearly not being followed.

From 4: Other matters:

Mechanical edits changing names or country information would require consensus from both the Ukrainian and Russian communities. It is unlikely that any such edit proposals will be able to achieve this.

The amount of edited objects within one changeset indicate these are mechanical edits.

Changesets which change the language of names or attempt to edit which country something is in must use meaningful changeset comments, not an empty comment or the same comment copied for all changesets.

All changeset comments are the same and mean something like “update data”.

Edit: It seems these edits have indeed triggered an edit war

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note Automated Edits code of conduct - OpenStreetMap Wiki and Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki

it may make sense to write to DWG

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The problem goes a little deeper than that. Along with the translation of name into name:uk, the user was changing name written in Russian and not transferring it to name:ru. Until he started to rule in Crimea… It is no secret that the Ukrainian community is now trying to minimise the presence of the Russian language. Intentionally or accidentally he changed name it is difficult to say: he replied in the comments that he would pay attention to it, but he did not make corrections to his edits. Perhaps because there is now a war of edits ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DWG has already been reported.