name=DISTRIBUTION, TRUNK etc. - weird edits of UTM_fifah

Hi. When playing around with Taginfo, I found some dodgy data in Jasin District, by said user. These are ways whose only tag is name=DISTRIBUTION, RAW_WATER, NULL, TRUNK, RETICULATION. I don’t even bother contacting with the user as (s)he is not mapping for over a year. It’s even dubious about what the user got that data from - when considering fixing. Can you look into it?

Thanks Rico.

I noticed that the southern region gets 2 types of temporary mappers:

  • students from local universities, probably in geo101 class
  • employees from government subcontractors trying to fulfill tender requirements

As for looking into it, hopefully somebody is willing to do the ground check (doubtful though, only few mappers are around). Most of mappers over here rely on satellite imagery.