Mysterious aerodrome added?

(excuse me for writing in English)

Please take a look at - I have my doubts about this. I already commented in the changeset but even after 11 days no reply came. Local knowledge much appreciated!

The changeset is rather comprehensive, the aerodrome that puzzles me is at

Thanks in advance,
Karel ADAMS Haacht, Brabant, Belgium.


Finns are slow, especially after Eurovision song contest.

According National Land Survey of Finland. yes, it’s airfield:


The aerodrome is also visible with MapBox & Maxar aerial imagery eg. in ID & JOSM

Some information here

Can add start_date=2018

Thanks to all. I updated the entry to my best ability, but of course that is not the end of all wisdom.

[sidenote] I nearly laughed my head off about the Eurovision bit :slight_smile:
[sidenote] I much prefer slow responders (like perhaps the Finnish, but I am not accusing anybody!) over non-responders - as are many in Southern and Eastern Europe…
[sidenote] very fascinating the Kalevala bit about dwarves and needles - I might need to spend some time there, sometime. Kalevala has inspired many people, just to name JRR Tolkien and of course Jean Sibelius.