My wiki account still not autoconfirmed, can someone do it manually?

My account is more than 4 days old and I’ve made few simple edits, but account still not autoconfirmed. Can someone has rights to do it manually? Thank you.

Wiki user:

There is no option to grant this user right manually in In case you are wondering, you need twice as many edits as you have currently. You can change content pages without auto-confirmed status already. It is not as restricted as in some Wikipedias. What do you want to do? Maybe, I can assist you.

Oh. Ok. I will find couple of pages and make couple of edits/translations. Hope it will autoconfirm me.

Thank you.

Following similar requests, a manual user confirmation process was established. All wiki administrators and wiki bureaucrats can add users to the confirmed user group. It does not include the same permissions as the autoconfirmed user group, but almost. Manually confirmed users can upload files and move pages. The exact list of permissions for each user group is documented at