My vacation in Dordogne -- processing the data.

My apologies for writing in English, but nobody would understand my “French”. :slight_smile:

I’ve spend 2 weeks in Champs-Romain, Dordogne. I made several signposted walks. Is the French community interested in this data ? In Belgium we add them as Local walking networks (LWN).

I’ve already added several of the underlying roads, tracks and paths. I’ve noticed that while my GPX tracks often align more or less with the Bing imaginary, there seems to be a mismatch with the data imported from the Cadastre. Is this normal. An example would be e.g.–?m=&relation=146134 in Savignac-de-Nontron. Everything seems to be moved a few meters to the North.

Before leaving, I noticed that none of the smaller roads in Champs-Romain were mapped. They were mapped by Bing, Nokia and Google. Since we stayed in that village, it was a nice little project. However, none of the streets had signs with their names. I could not find any housenumber neither.
FYI, google also has no streetnames, while the other two have “Lieu dit Le Bourg”. For now I added a note-tag to the roads that I could not find any streetname sign. (

I hope you can give me some advice so I can map according to “the French standards”.



p.s. feel free to reply in French.

For me the same here in the area of Salviac/Cazals (Lot).

Many minor roads are missing, There is a lot of work to do :slight_smile:

I’m here now on holidays. I’m riding my racing bike and afterwards I start to upload the gps-files onto Openstreetmap and starts adding and correcting roads.

Of course France is much bigger then the Netherlands, so it will take more time to complete Openstreetmap. I was also surprised that so many roads are missing.

I also missed in this area the minor roads on Openstreetmap, who are perfect for me to ride the bike. So its hard to make a nice track in advance. Therefore I bike now criss-cross in the area and therefore already many times ending on a farmer’s place (followed by a barking dog), so you have to go back.

So I think that it is good that people adding roads during there/after the holidays to complete.

By the way: I did not have the same problems that everything is moved a little.
In the Netherlands we have also lot of discussions about the quality, but there the most people say that you can accept Bing as correct.
I’ve already mapped a lot of tracks this week, and may times the gpx-trace is on the same spot as the road is (in open field, under many trees the trace is sometimes a few meters of road.