My new node based on "changeset" number

I live near West Norwood cemetery in London, England and added a new node on OpenStreetMap. I used smartphone app “go map!!” which apparently uploaded the information but the web browser version of the map isn’t showing anything.

According to the app it’s changeset 61771092 (burial mausoleum of Charles Spurgeon) but not the result I was hoping for. What I’m trying to get is similar to changeset number 52808487, burial mausoleum of Henry Doulton.

Is there a way I can edit a map node based on the changeset number?

What tags or other metadata would be relevant for the following that would generate the appropriate icons on the OpenStreetMap website?

A grave?
A mausoleum?



It’s missing historic=memorial tag to be shown:

Also these POIs:

are probably not not monuments - this is reserved for monumental objects:

They all probably should be tagged as tombs:

They are not currently being shown on default style. but please don’t tag for any rendering style:

There are no appropriate icons on the map renderings on the OSM web site, so there is nothing you can legitimately do to produce them. The OSM map database has a lot more information than can reasonably be displayed on any one map style. For personal projects, also consider using something like to produce maps with custom markup.

To edit based on a changeset number using the iD editor, or the web site, prevfix the number with “”, then select the specific object from those listed and then select edit. Different processes will apply for different editors. In any case, as you know the area, you can select the area and enter the editor. In the editor the complete map is displayed.

For info, here’s a map that shows these sorts of items: .

(disclaimer - I created it).

You could also use this service:

The code is here: