My map stop to load by Garmin


I encountered strange behavior of my Garmin 78.
I used my custom map happily for a while, but it stopped load in one moment ( unit get stucked in one moment of starting). When I removed SD card unit started normally.
I thought that SD card can be corrupted … I used new one and loaded same file but again unit get stucked.

Any idea what might be wrong?



Batterries almost empty? My Oregon sometimes doesn’t boot when the batterries are weak and many maps are on the memory cards.
What about downloading fresh data and creating the map anew? It is true that maps may contain structures which the device does not like (I got a memory full error after some time using a broken map).

Hmm … I used for first time eneloop rechargeable batteries … I used setting NiMH for them in unit and they have been in good shape.

I always use only one map.

I created new map and removed some mkgmap options which I used for first time and was not sure if they can cause problem …


Can these options be problematic?

Is there any chance to make some system reset in this situations? I am going for some 6 week trip … would be bad if my unit stop to work in middle of it :frowning: