My location doesn't show up in search

Hi, I posted my business on openstreetmaps and it doesn’t seem to show up on my search when I search for it.


Even though my amenity is parking, and my location is Karlovo Namesti, it doesn’t show up.

The only time it does return a result is if I search “centralparkingprague”

Here’s my node:

I also used this xapi search from MapQuest to double check the raw data (the bounding box is Prague.)[amenity=parking][bbox=14.21767,49.98374,14.6408,50.20351]

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m not sure whether Nominatim even supports search for POI types near a specific road/location. Do you have an example where that works?

Hi Tordanik,

I’m trying to help Dave here. We are both new to contributing with information to OSM so please excuse our ignorance.

We have moved the node a bit further away from the main road assuming the node was too close as you pointed out.

I have also added a new “parking_entrance” node (type amenity) on the highway itself just in front of the parking node, but I don’t know how to connect the relation if required?

I found this wiki page:

What else is needed to make it show up and ensure when people are searching for “parking near karlovo namesti” the parking node shows up?

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

It already shows up on page 3. To improve the routing to your underground parking add the highway=service ways leading to the parking entrance as explained in the amenity=parking wiki page.