My house gets put into whatever "hamlet" is nearby. How to fix?

So, someone years ago put in a whole series of nodes in my area indicating neighborhoods. The nodes used the “hamlet” tag. My house is located in a homeowner’s association outside of any of those neighborhoods, yet when I look up my address, it is always included the nearest “hamlet”, even if that hamlet is miles away. What’s the best way to fix this? I tried deleting one of the nodes, but my house just moved to the next nearest “hamlet”. The nodes contain useful info, so I don’t want to delete them, but there’s got to be a better tag that won’t make the map think that everything nearby is in that “hamlet”.

By the way, is there an easy way to undo a node deletion, like an “undelete” button or something. I’ve looked at the OSM wiki, and undeletions are a complicated series of steps that I have no intention of trying to follow. There’s a version history showing the node deletion. Why isn’t there an “undo” button or “revert to previous” button along with it?


If it is really outside of all the other local settlements, it is a settlement in its own right and should probably have its own place area (I assume the exact boujnds are known).

See for how to ensure it is considered to be in a particular place from a settlement affiliation point of view

If you are interested in the postal address, rather than in its settlement affiliations, see

If not using a place, at least use a named landuse area for the estate,

Finally note that Nominatim’s reverse geocodings get settlement affiliations wrong in large numbers of cases and shouldn’t be treated as authoritative. Don’t try too hard to get it to behave as you may end up “mapping for the renderer” and putting incorrect data into the map. They are not intended to be used as postal addresses, which in some countries can differ significantly.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I ended up finding an answer to my own question. I changed the nodes from “hamlet” to “neighborhood”, pursuant to the OSM Wiki standard here:

That fixed the problem. “Hamlets” are to be used for isolated settlements, which these are not. “Neighborhoods” are undefined locales within a larger settlement, which these are.

re your second question:

It depends on the editor you are using. In ID there is no way, not sure about Potlach but I doubt it. If you are using JOSM there is a reverter plugin that makes it quite easy at least if you know the Changeset in which you deleted the node. If you don’t use JOSM (which is worth trying if you do more than the casual edit) you could post the Changeset here and probably find someone to do the revert for you.

If it’s just one node, the easiest way to undelete it is with JOSM’s “undelete” functionality (probably a plugin - I just know that it’s on the menu). You’ll need to find out the node ID first.

Potlatch 2 has “undo within an editing session”. Potlatch 1 has “undelete ways in an area” but it doesn’t do standalone nodes. Not sure about iD. There are other specialised editors designed to do low-level changes that can do undeletes and much more (“level0” is one), but with any editor you need to be careful what you’re doing - for example, if you undelete a hamlet, you’ll need to check that someone hasn’t added a replacement hamlet or neighbourhood of the same name.

Thank you for the replies and suggestions!