My failed attempt at 3D for a water silo shaped like a bag of Fries

This is the building:

The concept is simple enough. 2 triangles, except they are ‘upside-down’. The one at the base is smaller than the roof. The roof is also what I would consider the ‘footprint’, seen from above.

This is the result:

This the changeset:

Is there a way to accomplish this?


There is no conventional tagging for this at the moment.
Walls are assumed to be vertical by both s3db tagging scheme and popular renderers.
You can sort of emulate a wall tilt towards the building with a skillion roof (which is bad practice)
But I don’t think you can tilt it against the building, like your photo suggests.

I could, of course slice it… “like a mathematical integral”, but I can’t imagine that would be considered a very good practice either. I wonder if 100 or rather 1000 slices would be needed for it to render more or less nicely :slight_smile:

There was some discussion on tilted walls tagging here, but looks like there’s not enough demand for that feature to actively develop it.