My edits not showing in down loaded map

Hi all,

I made some edits, two weeks ago in osm. Within about half an hour, the bush track that I had drawn started to appear on osm when I viewed it at Over the next two days, the track became progressively clearer and also appeared at all zoom levels. This is exactly the behaviour that I have experienced in the past, however, even now some two weeks later, the track is not contained in the map that I download. This has never happened to me before.
I download Generic Routable (new style) maps in the osm_generic_new_windows.exe (Map installer for BaseCamp/MapSource on the Windows platform.) from

I have compared this edit with previous edits and I can’t see that I have done anything different. Given that I can see the track when I view the map live, I don’t understand why it’s not being included in the downloadable maps.

Can anyone offer some insight as to what is going on and what I can do to resolve this problem?

I was under the impression that the data that you download from is updated to the date mentioned at the bottom right of the map.
That currently is Map version: 29-03-2015 suggests the Lambertus map updates “weekly/varies” so maybe just a busy time for Lambertus or other hiccup.
These things happen from time to time with the providers of the free services but they otherwise an provide excellent service for users.
I suggest trying one of the other providers for now. is using data to 2015-Apr-29 and has a column showing the date of map creation (Erstellt) and the OSM_Map_On_Garmin site suggests "Almost daily " updates.

Thank-you for replying. My edits are indeed included in the maps that I downloaded from another provider. I was unaware that there were other providers out there. I’ve been under the impression that all other sites that offer OSM were just mirrors of the main site and therefore, their maps would show the same data as those on the main site. I now know better. :slight_smile:
I have no complaints whatsoever about OSM. I am very much a novice when it comes to editing maps and I was concerned that I had done something wrong and that it was my mistake that resulted in my edits being excluded from the current builds.