My company does not show up in coinmap


I have uploaded my company as payment:bitcoin=yes but nothing has happened after approximately 12 hours.

What might be wrong?

This is my node: Teddywear (3677946497)

I can’t comment on how often Coinmap extract data from OpenStreetMap (or even if they do any more) but looking here

Suggests that you’ve added the node over the top of the crossroads, which seems an unlikely location for a shop. You’ll notice that there’s an address node for 56 here:

so I’d suggest that your tags to that. Although you can use “any tags you like” for the “shop” key, it makes sense to stick to one of the commonly used values if there’s one that fits. If you look here:

you can see that “shop=clothes” is probably the best option. You can add more detail by adding another tag “clothes=children”:

Thank you very much for your help.

I’ve changed the details and the tags according to the very helpful instructions, but still nothing.

After 3 days my company hasn’t shown up in coinmap. Maybe they don’t extract data anymore. I don’t know.

Hi, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It would be best if you read up a bit before adding to the live map or at least look at several already mapped similar features to see what is best practice. There are a few things incorrect with your choice of tags which are stopping the correct render of your POI. The following tags should be removed :-

opening_hours=Monday to Saturday. Local market business hours
phone=+30 6937910773

Then these tags added to the address (56) node :-

name=Teddy Wear
opening_hours=Mo-Fr 09:00-18:00 (hours for illustration please change to the correct hours)
phone=+30 6937 910773

I think your POI will then render correctly.
If I can be of anymore help or if you wish me to make the changes please just ask.

Regards Bernard

Hello again and sorry being late, but coinmap after all these days hasn’t extracted anything.

I’ve made all the changes you directed and still nothing.

Hello Dimos,

what is the result when you have contacted the people that are responsible for directly?

Also have a look at and search for “coinmap” there …

You also could try OpenPoiMap which has a very nice User Pois function to show anything you want:
(Please read the wiki!)