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could anybody implement this:


OSM2World has some multitexturing support now (some of the code has not been committed yet, I’m still doing some bugfixing at the moment). There are several possible uses for this - one is displaying windows or other facade elements independently from the facade material texture.

In this example, I’m using a colourless material texture (depending on building:material) and blend it with the building’s colour (from building:colour). On top of this, I place a texture that contains a window but is otherwise transparent.

It would also be possible to use this for detail textures as described in the article.

Great Tordanik, this is exactly what we need!
Now we need some nice examples.
Let´s, talk about next steps.

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Is it interesting?

I saw your post in German forum and I would like to known what tagging schema for windows you support? Can you specify size of single windows or all in building? Are all windows in your application implemented as multi-texture?

I’m thinking about tagging windows and i made this note:

Maybe you have any better ideas?

I don’t support any tagging for windows yet, the rendering is influenced only by building type and number of levels. So all windows on a building still look the same and have the same size. And I’m not planning to add more sophisticated window placement before the next release, I’ll focus on performance improvements and bug fixes first.

But yes, all windows are implemented with multi-texturing. I expect that this will be useful when I implement some style of individually placed windows in the future. It could allow facade textures such as brick patterns to repeat regularly even if the windows placed on top of them have different shapes or widths.

These are interesting ideas and I’m going to think about the topic for a bit to judge how well they would work.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s really an urgent issue because most mappers don’t even tag roof shapes or building heights yet (if they map buildings at all). So we can probably take the time to find a good solution.

BTW, I’m going to post a translation or at least a summary of my post from the German forum for the benefit of the international community as soon as I get around to it.