Multiple versions of an element in the same changeset

Hello, how is it possible that several versions of an element, like a node for example, are generated in the same changeset?
changeset 846962, node 317780185 v116 to v128

These changes were made 13 years ago, maybe script created many identical versions and the server created many versions. The algorithms were significantly less advanced at the time.

Thanks, it seems something like that.
Another example, October 2021, a relation:

changeset 112464934 v180 to v186

It is still pretty common is one of mine from yesterday.

If you save before closing a changeset, it can happen.


If someone changes the members (composition, order, or assigned roles) in a relation, then the version changes. Most likely the reason is this.

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The OSM API even allows to create multiple versions of the same object in the same upload. Some editors also don’t consolidate multiple changes into a single change. While this is not perfect, it’s still technically valid.


Changesets are not atomic, so you could modify an object in one upload, then modify it again in a second upload.

As said, it doesn’t even require a second upload. You can achieve the same result with a single upload only.