Multiple tagging and other issues.

1- I’m seeing this a lot when it comes to forest tagging, as you can see in the attached example.
For one, I’m pretty sure many of those “forests” are not qualified to be tagged as such and second, I’m not entirely sure those areas have official names.
While I believe these “forests” are important and should remain, the tagging issue needs to be addressed somehow.

2- Is there an official policy on water tanks and such ? I have rendered a few in key locations since they provide an excellent ID points for navigation, but so far none showed up on the Israel Hiking Map.

3- Is it considered rude to fix other member’s major errors I encounter ?

Your thoughts please :slight_smile:


Thanks for the constructive feedback!

  1. Forests

The forests are (mostly) based on data donated by KKL.
There was also a discussion about the proper classification of these “forests”.

That discussion also mentioned the existence of small patches of trees, such as the Limans showing in the above map.

I cannot say that the assignment of names to the Limans is wrong, so I would not recommend changing that. However, the rendered map should not necessarily show these names. Harel M and I have discussed it, and we are looking for an efficient way to remove names from small areas. However, it is not so easy.

As a temporary workaround, we are considering removing ALL forest names from the “Israel Hiking” map. What does this forum think?

  1. Water Tanks

Water tanks were previously discussed here. I suggest we continue the discussion there. See my post from just now.

  1. Correcting other people’s edits

This was also discussed before… As a new user, you woud probably be better off trying to contact the person/s who made the mapping error and check with them. It also depends on the extend of the “error fix”. If it is a major change, than double checking is much more important. Just think about the effort that would be needed if it turns out your fix needs to be reverted and done in some other way, if at all.

my 5 cents:

  1. Forest

I have added a lot of forests, farmland and meadow manually over the years.
They are added by satimages from yahoo [in old days :slight_smile: ] and bing.
If you see anything wrong here specially with landuse data you are welcome to fix it.
The data from KKL have also mistakes here and there or are not up to date anymore.
In my opinion you are welcome to fix them if you see mistakes.

  1. Correcting other people’s edits

I agree with zstadler. But I don’t see any reasons to not touch a way where you 100% know that its not going this way.
OSM lives from new and updated data. Whenever you see a mistake you can mark it on or fix it by yourself.

PLEASE PLEASE don’t start changing all motorways with new tags all over Israel (we had that in the past) :wink:

Would it be alright if I just delete the name tag? That will solve the problem I’ve shown in the attached picture.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t my intention :D:) …oh wait …:stuck_out_tongue:

No, this is not right. Please do not delete the name tags. We should assume that in general the names are correct. Deleting the name tags actually decreased the quality of the date/information in OSM.

There is a difference between a problem in the look and feel of the Israeli Hiking Map, and incorrect data in the OSM DataBase.

Harel and I have heard your feedback and we are still working to find a fix. If we will not find a better solution, we can very easily omit all names from KKL forests or even all forests.