Multiple projections in OSM server

I have a local OSM server up and running. I was wondering if it is possible to visualize data with different projections on-the-fly without changing the data source projection system. I have installed the OSM server following this tutorial: I changed the srs information in “osm.xml”, but it did not work.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not sure. Mapnik should be able to render pictures in other projections, but needs data from some sources. If the source is a postgis server, then there is another thing: During import, all koordinates are stored into “Geometry” og “geography” columns. As far as I have read, those columns are 2-D representations of our 3D world. All spatial functions are just some 2D-based functions giving problems at the date-line and the poles.

You say “OSM server up and running”, does that mean a tile server? I only know of tile server or TWS that serve in spherical mercator og platee-caree projections, nothing else.

Hence, the general answer to your question is NO.

By OSM server I mean the OSM stack, which is a tile server that retrieves data from a PostGIS database and uses Mapnik to make the tiles and style them on-the-fly. There are some tips on how to change the projections like but I could not make them work.