Multiple nodes

I’m using “keep right” to find map errors and then fixing them. One error it shows is “multiple nodes on the same spot” with one being on a road and one being on an administrative boundary. Should I merge them or not sense they are on different type of ways?

Merge the points and then you will get the overlapping ways error. :slight_smile:

I am not sure how to best handle this, especially since administrative boundaries are something I can’t field check.

What you can do to avoid errors from the various QA tools is to make a boundary relation for the administrative area and then use the road way as one of the members of the relation. Doing that gives you one set of points all on one way. The way just happens to represent two things, a road and a member of an administrative relation. However I don’t know if doing that is considered good practice or not.

I would just put this type of case on “ignore (false-positive)”. It’s not an error, and merging them will only make things worse.