Multiple named OSM maps on Garmin RoadTrip...Apple MAC

I have been trying to get RoadTrip to display more than one OSM map. Have renamed the file (eg ‘Swiss East’), then opened the “info.xml” file and changed the ‘OSM World Routable’ to the name I like (eg ‘Germany Rhine Routable’ both in the ‘Map Product’ and in the ‘Sub Product’ lines.

When I then open/load the file with Garmin MapManager it will display the chosen name in the interface and install ‘successfully’.

Once ToadTrip is opened the newly displayed map is called (surprise!) OSM World Routable. I have looked everywhere to see where RoadTripo gets this from. The reason is that with this map title only one OSM map can be displayed. If ‘renamed’ then I could for example have OSM maps for the Rhine, Swiss East and Peru all on my Roadtrip.

What is going on there? Anyone out there who can help?
…much obliged!

The name that is displayed is, iirc, stipulated using a command-line switch to mkgmap when the map was compiled by Lambertus. It’s one of --family-name or --series-name. In short, Lambertus has provided “OSM World Routable” as the generic name for his maps and there’s no way you can change it (unless you want to hack the binary image file).

Note that the name alone isn’t the only thing stopping you from having multiple maps available in Roadtrip - each map needs to have a different Family ID too (and this also is not possible to change easily from pre-built IMG files).