Multiple Maps OSM - Map Source

I’ve got a few maps from for the UK, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and France, is there anyway of me using all of these together in Mapsource?

This question has popped up a lot recently. The simple answer is no. The more-longer winded answer is “not without a lot of extra work on your part”. If you really want multiple different maps in Mapsource, you’d be better off making them yourself using mkgmap.

  1. Download the Europe extract from geofabrik
  2. Extract the five countries you want from this Europe extract using osmosis or splitter
  3. Create the map using mkgmap

Hi Chrism - I think I have found a way to do it relatively painlessly.

I have tried to use other methods to create mapset installs using a number of methods described on the web, but none of them would work for me. Apparently from what I’ve read, the main problem is that the OSM sourced site used above creates all mapsets with the same FID/Product Code (2000/3) essentially overwriting the previous installed mapset.

However, I have found I could install at least three separate installs on Mapsource following the these steps: I am using Windows7, Mapsource 6.16.3 and Mapsettoolkit 1.77.

  1. Install your first map from the above using the .exe file. DO NOT use the default file path to save it - I have merely appended the directory to be (a) unique; and (b) a bit more descriptive, eg, c:\garmin\maps\osm world routable Australia

  2. Open Mapsource and check it’s installed. Close Mapsource.

  3. run Mapsettoolkit to see your installed Mapset and under the “Mapset installed” there is an EDIT button. Click on this and alter the Mapset name, Registry name and Family ID to something unique. Click Apply (you do not need to press Start to compile anything).

  4. Open Mapsource and it should appear as a mapset with the new name rather than the generic OSM World Routable.

Repeat to add more OSM Requests!

Please note: I have also read that Mapsource isn’t happy if there are mapsets with identical .img file names. This would occur if you download from OSM a map tile that say crosses a border such as Scotland/England and so it’s in your “Scotland” set and your “England” set. I really don’t know how you would get around that other than ensuring you don’t double up on the same map tile.


Hi there,

Works fine for me.
But is there not another way to create a complete set for multiple countries

One set for Benelux, Germany France for example?

Maybe I should Explain why.
I Plan my routes for Motorbike trips using GMaps and Mapsource.These routes cross borders obviously.
Ik would be nice to be able to plan this on one Map covering Europe.
After planning I just select the sections I need for the trip and upload them to the Garmin. I Use a Zumo550.

Kind regards

I have successfully used the following (assuming you know how to use GMapTool with cgpsmapper):

With a gmapsupp.img file from OSM, I used GMapTool to split it (rename it as 12345678.img first) and chose an arbitrary FID number (I started with 6000). Then go to the resulting output folder and run install.bat which must be Run as Administrator.

Then with a second gmapsupp.img file rename it to 12345678.img and then run GMapTool and choose a different FID number (e.g 6001) and output folder. Again go to the resulting output folder and run install.bat as Administrator.

Both OSM maps turn up in Mapsource (I am using v6.16.2) and in BaseCamp (v4.1.1.0). As pointed out in other comments, it is necessary to have the different FID numbers and that is best done by not using the Windows generic installer version for Mapsource from OSM.

Worked perfectly…