Multi objects

Početnik sam u radu Openstreet-om a profesionalac iz svijeta geodezije i GIS-a. Svidio mi se Openstreet i pokušavam što više podataka koje imam iz raznoraznih izvora editirati i upload-ati u OSM. Pojavio mi se problem u JOSM editoru kako podatke tipa zgrade koje već imam snimljene ili digitalizirane jednim odabirom (select-om) postaviti kao Man made - Building. Selektiranje funkcionira ali se pritom selektiraju i nodovi (vertexi) koji su nepoželjni u ovom slučaju…

How select multi objects (poligon) in JOSM editor without select nodes?

Hi, is Ctrl+click (press and hold down the Ctrl keyboard button, keep holding it down and mouse left click on each object you want to select) what you are looking for?

I have many poligonal and line objects from another sources (my old orienteering map IOF) and I want copy this objects in OSM. I prepared and export all objects in *.osm formats. My JOSM editor reads all objects. I want select all building objects and changing atribute in Man made - Building. Problem is nodes (vertex). JOSM treating nodes like lines and changing nodes atributes in building…

How select many poligonal or line objects without select nodes?

Please tell us first something about the origin of your old orienteering map IOF … is it based on OSM data itself, or based on another map that can be copyrighted???

So then the “many poligonal and line objects from another sources” are derived from what? did you made own survey?

Or do you have the official permission to use that map material for OSM purposes?

All data is my own.
I am profesional surveyor last twenty years and every day I collect many diferent data. My hoby is amateur radio and radio orientering. I maked few IOF map from field collect data and I want share (donate) this data with OSM comunity.
Data is diferent:
Building, roads, tracks, lakes, rivers, forest…

OK, then the search feature in JOSM will be your friend:

By pressing Ctrl-F you get a dialog with many examples … try “type:way” … or try "type:node AND exclude them from selected objects.


It is succesful work!