Moving from Google maps to OSM .... howto?


On one of our websites we are currently using Google maps with thousands of markers across the globe which can be clicked with a new page opening. The lat longs are inside a mysql db.

I trust this can be done with OSM as well and I would appreciate a link or two to learn how we can implement this.

Thank you very much.

maybe can be a good source for you?

Holy Guacamole! rocks, I had no idea you can do all that with OSM!
Now I am positively dropping lesser projects, this worth the effort to look at in details.

For the OP - I build service stacks on top of Debian, I am not a coder or a UNIX root so this is not authoritative by any means. But shows the typical way people with skills deal with issues - they create their own solutions, and two of them seldom ever alike but a lot of them are overwhelmingly excellent. I spent nearly 3 decades in GNU/Linux communities until LUG (Linux User Group) was no more.

For you I would recommend looking at the Joomla! / Fabrikar stack, you are going to find modules which interface OSM data in SQL stores. If you cannot find what you exactly need, it is going to be a whole lot cheaper to pay for customization by the expert group who created the “almost perfect” solution.

Thank you very much for the link. It helps a great deal and OSM appears to be very straight forward. Now diving into Leaflet.