Moving a public transport stop position when there are junctions

Recently I noticed that two bus stops were the in the wrong position and I easily corrected them in the iD editor Changeset: 130747681 | OpenStreetMap

However, moving the bus stop locations ie public_transport=stop_position was something I found too difficult. I couldn’t just drag them along the way due to all the junctions coming off the way, not to mention all the relations too, so I left a fix me instead.

Is there an easier to do this when junctions and relations are involved? Would this be easier with another editor instead of iD?

I suggest JOSM but even using this one, moving stop_positions can be a pain.
Especially, and when mapped correctly, this stop_position is either the first or the last stop of a route-relation (PTv2) and the road has been spit at this node.

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Vespucci has an extract node option that might work for the actual stop position relocation.

For changing the ways that lead to it for the various relations Vespucci might do it with some effort, but JOSM would be a stronger bet and even that might be very error prone.

JOSM has “Replace membership” that will transfer role and order in everything the objects belong to perfectly. This could be safer than “Replace geometry”, dragging, or moving it. This possibility extends to the sections of roads.
If you absolutely don’t want touch the road, you might disconnect all other roads, move everything west, then reconnect them. This is more “direct” in another perspective.

It is also worth noting that public_transport=stop_position are basically useless to map. That locations can be located from highway=bus_stop and bus relations.

They were intentionally introduced to map manually what could be preprocessed by computer programs, and relatively simple ones. And overall are waste of time of mappers, as they waste thousand of hours and what interested data consumers could produce on their own if needed.

  • Missing tag for stop position causes extra preprocessing for routing software.

(from PTv2 proposal - source)

In case of wrong locations and annoying moving them I sometimes simply remove them and move just highway=bus_stop

Not mapping them in the first place is also fine.


Another editor that’ll handle this situation just fine is Potlatch 3. It’s really easy to remove nodes from the way that contains the stop position (which doesn’t delete the stop position itself) and re-add to rejoin, then move the stop position to where you want it to be and repeat the process at the other end including the moved stop position.

Edit: added partial quote to make it clear what I was replying to since “Nanny Discourse” removed that information.

(we’re veering away from the original technical request here, but worth noting)

Yes - in the UK, many of those that are mapped on railway stations are basically rubbish. Take for example here - all the through platforms there have around 5 stop positions that vary based on the length of the train. Some of those in that example don’t actually correspond to any of the real-life stop positions.