Move Node to exact LAT LON (JOSM)

I know how to add a new Node to an exact location SHIFT D - but how do I edit/move an existing Node an exact location (LAT LONG)?


Well, first of all you should notice that OSM only stores a value with 32 bits, so precision is somewhere near 1cm.
If you don’t want to move it with the mouse to the exact position, here is a possible way to enter the coordinates:

  1. move the node with the mouse close to the wanted position
  2. save the data as *.osm
  3. open the saved file in an editor and search the wanted node id
  4. edit the lat/lon values and save
  5. open the file again in JOSM and upload

Thanks, sounds easy enough. I have an idea of using a pair a Emlid RTK GPS’s to enable very accurate tracks and points also update existing nodes with more accurate positioning hence the question.


Much easier:

  • create the new node with Shift+D
  • merge the existing node with the new one

Ah ok, That’s easier and quicker, pity there’s not a ‘edit node’ with LAT and LONG but Merge M will do.

Thank you.

It seems is what you are searching for.

Klumbumbus, Thanks I tried that but I couldn’t see it under Tools in expert mode how do I get it to work ?

UPDATE:- Got it now - select the node first then TOOLS > Move Node :slight_smile: