move a pin

How do we reposition a pin

Could you give a link with it, so we have some context what exactly do you mean?

Yes -
The point should actually be at 43.0252666, -96.62805 where a historic marker stands.

This is not the real marker, see here how to move and export link with arbitrary positioned marker:

As Kocio noted “notes” are not markers. Notes are used for indicating mistakes in the map.
You can create links pointing to 1 position (marker) on the map.
If you need more markers to show up at the same time, you should consider using something as

It would even be better that you map all the items that are visible today. Maybe there are information boards, memorials etc that can be added to the map.

Also, the note seems to be asking to map a historical use of the land. OSM is not a historical map. Whilst you can map memorials that actually appear on the ground, you cannot map a historical site for which there is no evidence on the ground. For memorials, you should map them as memorials not as the thing being remembered.