motorway_link and motorway_junction

A fellow map editor and I are discussing where the motorway_junction node should be place in relation to the end of the dashed lines of an off ramp.

We feel that the wiki images may be outdated based on changes in the way lanes are now tagged.

We have also found that different editors in different regions have varrying standards for placing the junction.

I’ve started a dicussion topic here:

It would also be nice to update Image 2 with a junction node for clarity

In light of the different views on this, what do you guys think the best to mark an off ramp are, and how can we better document that so that it can become standard in map editing.


Hi Dorkmo,

I could not really find a trend in the data compared to the aerial imagery.

The wiki is not consistent across its pages. states

Whilst image 2 suggests to extend the off-ramp backwards until it meets the highway. The German translation says that the node should be placed at the point where the roads divide (either by a sign post, a divider, or grassland in-between).

That is about the same what I found on OSM:

All in all, it looks to me as there is no generally applied solution (but that is difficult to see with so few examples).

What are you referring to in this statement?

I would consider discussing this in a mailing list like