motorway junctions and destinations

i noticed most highway exits are not tagged as they should

according to this:

we should tag the node where a motorway link diverts from the main road:
highway = motorway_junction
ref = [number of exit (where they apply)]
name = [name of the junction (optional)] e.g. Κομοτηνή Ανατολικά, Κόμβος Λαγκαδά

we tag the motorway link:
destination = [destination of the link] (this also applies to other roads as well)
destination:lanes = [destination 1]|[destination 2]

*there are numerous discussions that suggest destination is better than exit_to
*it appears destination:ref is a proposed tag

Yes, we should, even if un-named.

In addition we should not tag motorway links with names or refs
(exception for refs: only if a route takes an exit from the motorway via the mentioned motorway link)

In my opinion, even this exception is wrong.
Thats why is better using relatiions for routes, than only relying on refs from individual ways to “build” a route.

Thank you

It has been a global practice to tag nat_ref or ref to the roads, partly due to varying importance for each stretch of road, but I still think nat_ref should just be ref since it’s currently the only road numbering system around.

I agree, and not only for the reason that you you mentioned, there are other issues too (like rendering).
I think ( in my opinion) that ref tag is a primary tag (mandatory) and should be always present on roads.