motorway in Tripoli

Taking a quick look at the Libya mapping situation I came across this motorway in Tripoli.

It’s not visible in bing, although maybe some early construction work is visible. At time of writing, I notice it’s tagged construction=yes on one side of the motorway but not the other. What is the status of this motorway? If it is (currently, today, on-the-ground) under construction and not open yet, it should not be tagged highway=motorway. A better tag would be highway=construction and construction=motorway. But maybe there is a motorway there now (The bing imagery could well be >5 years old) in which case a tag ‘note=Constructed 201X. not visible in bing’ would be helpful

By the way, I did quite a lot of mapping on Bab al-Aziziya in Tripoli. Now you can look out for a single tree to take a little sleep under it… :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly the Sirt area is not covered with hq sat imagery, so the rebels have to take other maps. :confused:

Can I draw is JOSM 5267 and the export to PNG or JPG?