motorway 471 really open?

Hi everybody,

I’m not sure if road 471 has really opened his gates and is fully a freeway now or not.

But I wonder if this has to do with R881 edits we reversed.

I also couldn’t find news on the opening and even wikipedia says it will open in 2013.

I drove on the Shaariya interchange bridge both ways several times now, and also on the North-East jughandle. AFAIK, the Amishav interchange is still not open, but I may be out of date; it looked pretty complete last time I drove past, but was still blocked away 6 days ago.

I recreated the status before the editing (last week).
Great that some renderer are not that fast in updating Israel map :slight_smile:

If somebody find out it is opened, please tell me and I will remove my edits.

Either you mixed up between the two interchanges, or there was a little misunderstanding between us, because after your most recent edits, I see Shaariya Interchange as being under construction, and Amishav Interchange as being open for traffic. What I actually meant was, that Shaariya Interchange (crossing route 40) is open for traffic, and that Amishav Interchange was still closed a week ago.


I simply tried to recreate the status before the change by looking on a old version of a rendering. I dont know what interchange changed and what not. If you know more change it.