Motorcycle lane tagging?

What is the best tag to be used for the motorcycle lane across E15 Butterworth - Kulim Expressway? Any suggestions?

So far, the only hint is those across the Federal Highway (Federal Route number 2), for example, this one I think.

I don’t know, should it be tagged the same as the parent highway?

Do you think of some kind of a road which is parallel to the Express way (but not part of the carriage way) and typically used by motorcylces, but could also be used by cars? I’d suggest service or unclassified. If it is too narrow for a car, path.
Or do you think of a bridge for crossing the motorway which can be used by motorcycles (bicycles/pedestrians etc.) only, similar to several ways over the railway? path with bridge and layer attributes.

It is:

  1. reserved for motorcycles; (compact) cars would not even fit in it. Not for bicycles, they are not allowed in the first place.
  2. parallel to the parent expressway - roughly from the expressway’s beginning to the end of it
  3. separated i.e. another distinct way in itself.

But near interchanges, I think there might be some slip roads from the motorcycle lane to the parent highway=motorway_link. Also FYI, this is also the same case in every toll booths for the expressways e.g. the North-South Expressway.

Alright, I think I shall go for highway=path.