Most up to date Trunk road and motorway information-from horses mouth!

I am with the UK highways authority. We are constantly making major improvements to our network. While we have the occasional enquiry there seems to be no formal and effective method whereby the SatNav systems and phones are showing changes to the network. An example is a new service road on the A23 - cars still charge down there hoping to get on to the main carriageway. The mapping is just so far behind our design and construction work. Surely this is money in your pocket in the end? Speak to our media people BUT you MUST tie in with the Major Projects division.

Hi Phil,

Openstreetmap is a open and freely editable database. That means you/anyone can update it yourself.

I presume you are talking about this project shrug
So I think somewhere around here.

So the Highways authority need a plan to update this open map with whatever changes are taking place. This is the best scenario for you/us as then as soon as the road opens it can be changed there is no waiting as there are for some satnav/mapping companies.

Once the data is in place the many satnav apps that use this openstreetmap data will get the change automatically.

Sadly you do not seem to provide maps there so we cannot easily add them to the map ourselves.

If you did provide a map of the changes (rather than a text description) we could assist more but if you did it yourself and provided openstreetmap on your projects page on the it others - the public - could see the proposed and update information as it happens.

As for the money in our pocket. As it is a volunteer organisation there is no money involved; we just want the best map.

I hope that explains nay more information please let me/us know.

This is a project driven by volunteers, so most of us are not making money from it. There are companies using this freely available data set, and they might sell routing software based on this data, e.g. Telenav.

Hi there Rovastar and Escada
thanks for you r reply.

the most specific area is

you were close!

the warninglid junction there is a new roundabout and service road

now the problem with HA being govt department is that no one is going to set up a regular update without tax payers requirement.

Hence my appeal to anyone who may find it important enough to bug us say quarterly for the latest major projects updates.

i will try and send you a PDF of this junction and scheme to your email


Hi PhilMo,

Although I’m Belgian, I’m on the British mailing list. It might be more appropriate to discuss this issue there. Is it OK for you to post your request on that mailing list ?

I am speaking to him. Hopefully we can get something sorted out.