More than 2000 nodes

Hi I’ve been trying to map the island of Formentera (Balearic Islands) and I’ve reached the limit of 2000 nodes for the costal line…

How can I add new nodes to the costal line?

I don’t want to mess up things and having it disappear from the map… and I’ve never had this problem before…

A detailed explanation would be great… If someone could even put in practice the explanation and prepare it for additional nodes it would be fantastic.


You have to split the coastline way into several pieces, each less than 2000 nodes. How to do this will depend on which editor you are using.
In Potlatch 2, select a node part way along the coastline, and click on the little scissors icon (or press X) to split it.
In JOSM, you can select a node then go to Edit menu → Split way (or press P). Note to split a circular way in JOSM, you will have to select two separate nodes.

The coastline can be made up as many different ways as are needed. Just so long as they are all tagged as natural=coastline, and all joined to each other, and all going in the correct direction. For direction, land should be on the left hand side of the way, water on the right hand side.