more directed editing in Mukdahan


has anyone noticed more of such edits?

User registered just a few days ago and edits areas with uncommon tagging and unclear source.
Sounds like we have another organized edit going on.

Any idea what “#DVBD2020 enumeration” could be?

The school looked certainly more correct on the initial location, based on the aerials.


No idea - but I have corrected a couple. Lets see if it elicits a response … as it did last time !

I Googled #DVBD2020 and all that came up was Swedish Flower Appreciation Society !

DVBD would be Division (Bureau?) of Vector-Borne Diseases. Likely the same project brought up in this post.

Any objections of simply reverting such changes?

Whatever their good intention is. It does not belong in OSM. It is certainly no place to publicly document malaria cases. This is IMHO a clear violation of people’s privacy.

On top of that: Their mapping ob anything what looks like a building does uesually not even remotely follow the outlines of the buildings in current imagery.

I agree Stephan. The map is already full of junk edits. I agree with reversion in this case.
Can you also clean up those poorly drawn “shapes” that are simply labeled area=yes. They serve no purpose, often lie over roads, and bear very little relation to actual building outlines.