More detailed tutorial on creating maps for Garmin GPS units from OSM?

I’m a Peace Corps volunteer living in Kyrgyzstan and I’m attempting to create a topo map for some outdoor excursions I’m trying to plan for a group of students. Using OSM data generated maps from the given lists is easy but the Kyrgyzstan maps are only roads and major landmarks, they don’t include contour lines. I’m working from the ‘OSM Map On Garmin/Topographic maps’ article to try and create my own and finding it difficult as I’ve never worked with the needed applications before. A few questions:

  1. Is there a more detailed tutorial on this forum or elsewhere I can follow?
  2. Should I just ask my questions here (i.e. once I open the bash shell I don’t know how to download the ‘’ or ‘cd to OSMdata’)
  3. Is someone able to help me by creating a Kyrgyz topo map?

See a thread with similar question:

A map of Kyrgyzstan, an example what you can get form free data:

Thank for the link, looks like there is alot of info in there I can sort through. I’ll look at the map you linked to as soon as I get decent internet (another tough part of living here.)

There is not much data for Kyrgyzstan in OSM, probably 90% of map size is taken by contours.

That map is actually EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Thanks a ton for providing the links! I think in the future I may want to make some custom maps but at least now I have what I need until I learn how to do it all. Thanks again!