more citynames in a view


i would like us openstreetmap, but i have a problem with the details on the map. I can’t see where i am.

it is possible to view more citynames in the map?

I attached 2 pics of the same region. googlemaps and openstreetmaps - it shows the problem.

thanks for your answer.

best regards steffen

… ups i cant attached a pic. ok then without a pic.

It’s hard to understand you.
What map, what zoom, what application? Please provide links, images.
Please state what currently is and what you want to accomplish.

Please describe your problem correctly. Incomprehensible questions.
Google maps don’t show entrances and exits, building heights, etc. or what are you interested in?

My understanding is that sreukauf looks at a part of the world with possibly small villages and no major city and the used map shows no village names. What we don’t know is the area and the map producer (or the renderer).

@sreukauf: Maybe try the German forum: