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I am looking for a good navigation app for Android for cycling, that calculates routes along bicycle routes as much as possible. I currently am very satisfied with Garmin Mobile XT with openfietsmap on my symbian phone, but I think symbian is a dead end street, and want to switch to Android. Has anyone experience with this or otherwise any tips?
Thanks in advance

I saw at that Osmand seems a good choice. Minor drawback is that you need a data connection even if you use offline maps. The connection is needed for calculation routes which is done on an external server. Maybe I’ll ask a friend with an Android phone to test it

You can also test OsmAnd and all other Android apps that is available outside the official android market by following setps:

Install a virtualization program on yor PC like, VMware, qemu etc.

Download a fresh iso for android PC install from

Install that android with an extra partition as an SD-Card

start android and test whether you have internet access … maybe via browser

if yes, go to and download the “latest OsmAnd” and install that apk file.


Details here:

Osmand does not need a data connection. As far as I have tested Osmand works fine with predefined tracks. If you want to use Osmand for routing and you do not have a data connection just pick the “Osmand” routing service instead of Cloudemade of YOURS. These last two require data connection.

What I want is spoken turn-by-turn navigation. Does that work with tracks in Osmand? In Garmin MobileXT it doesn’t. Would be great. If not, I’m looking for a routing service that uses cycling routes as much as possible, like in OpenFietsMap

I have tested just a bit. A predefined track can be loaded in Osmand. If you follow it, it will also give you spoken turn by turn navigation. This was a surprise for me but it worked. You can also use the Osmand Routing service if you want to go from A to B. This worked (with or without audio guidance) but it was not always the best possible route. Openfietsmap uses the Garmin routing options such as “Avoid Toll ways” (preference for Cycle routes (Dutch: LF routes, knooppuntroutes) ) and “Avoid Unpaved”. Unfortunately the Osmand Routing Service does not offer such options. Hopefully in the future.

That’s great. This means I can create routes via OpenFietsMap in Mapsource, convert them to tracks and then load these into Osmand. Even better than a Garmin device, as these devices recalculate the routes via a different engine from Mapsource, resulting in different routes and sometimes a crashed Mobile XT app.

I think the Openfietsmap (both Benelux and Germany) is a great map for Garmin Devices but if want to make a cycling track in the Netherlands I use the bikeplanner of the Cycling union (Dutch: Fietsersbond). . Here you can choose between tracks via cycleroutes (Dutch: Knooppunen) or so called “door to door” .

If parts of this track are not on the Openfietsmap/Osmand (that is: not in OSM) you can always map this in OSM for later use.

Cheers PeeWee

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^^^Sure looks like spam, but I give it the benefit of the doubt.

It is.


Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

OSM is simple a database. There are many applications using this database and one of the common for navigation on Android is OSMand. Have a look at to see other Android-Apps using OSM.

Id love to purchase OsmAnd+ but I cant find it on the Amazon app store, it’s not there. I use a degoogled phone, so google play store is not an option for me.

Any other way to purchase it? ?

Amazon link to OsmAnd+

Amazon link to other OsmAnd add ons

My fault, was looking in the wrong app, the Amazon Shop app has them all.

Isn´t OsmAnd+ the paid version? How can f-droid distribute the paid version for free?

Ah, ok, I just read this: “OsmAnd+ is the full version of this app. Please donate to support the project”

Will do that now.

OsmAnd is open source see