More and more stuff to correct

Seems like nowadays all we do is try to work out and correct mistakes others do…

So the latest I have stumbled across has probably something to do with the DG AI import.

This is a service road that runs down the back of a small industrial estate, with houses one side.
I created the way as a service road in April 2015 after spending time in the area.
In Dec 2015, User saikabhi draws a residential road right over the top of mine, referencing “missing roads (Bing)”… no idea if this was automated, or he just is blind !
And look at the connection at the western end … its just not correct… trust me, I have been there.

Then in October 2016, federali has a ball and starts labelling every node with a surface=paved tag … thats node, not way, as we normally do, citing “adding paved roads from DG Sat imagery”

So there we are … importing data over whatever mistakes are already there ?

And can someone clarify if its correct to add tags such as surface, to every individual node, instead of the way. Seems to me like a lot of extra superfluous data is being added. What next, should every node get a width tag too ?

Ever get the feeling that the old cartographers on here will simply give up when they see years of manual work, wiped out by the automated efforts of others, destroying the integrity of the map in an effort to demonstrate their digital prowess !

Russ :confused:

Well, indicates on their profile that they work for MapBox, not Facebook. I’ve always found MapBox’s mappers keen to hear what local mappers on the ground have to say, so I’d suggest just letting them know based on what you know from having been there. Maybe MapBox were fixing a user-reported problem - it might be useful for you to see what that was, so I’d just try and get in touch with the mapper via changeset discussion comment.

The change by sounds like it should be reverted, and that user has been performing “Facebook-style” edits in the past. I asked them about it on but did not get a reply there. Again I’d suggest getting in touch with the mapper via changeset discussion comment. If that doesn’t have the desired effect email the DWG via and we’ll look into it.

Best Regards
Andy (DWG)

Nodes should not have a surface tag.

Nodes can get tagged inadvertently if you an active selection of nodes at the time you apply the surface tag. I’ve done it myself on occasion.


I have sent the user the following msg :

The problem is random & extensive, and the tag has even been applied to Waterway nodes. This Potlatch screenshot shows just some of the problem areas, how far it reaches, I dared not to look :

Well, this was obviously a mistake. I would be tempted to simply remove all node tags with surface=*. If it was intentional, then the intention was wrong. I suppose if you want to take the time and trouble to contact him first, I can’t argue with that.

My 2 cents (baht)

Adding that surface tagging to nodes sounds like a user trying to be clever with JOSM without actually understanding it.
I removed some of these mis-taggings on nodes I think. Not sure it was this user or another.

What worries me more: This account is not listed as working for Facebook but obviously does.
I will send an eMail to DrishT asking to disclose why this account is not listed on the wiki page. Maybe it is one of their developers test-driving the import and having used an older personal account?

@Russ: There is a lot of bad mapping around. Try not getting too annoyed with it. Try fixing the mess created by users in Chiang Mai or Bangkok or other popular tourist destinations. I can’t do it for more than half an hour in a row otherwise I am getting annoyed too much :slight_smile:

For the surface tagged nodes: Shall I bulk-remove them?

@Stephan: Yes, I think if you do a bulk edit and get rid of all those nodes in Thailand it wud be appreciated.

In the bigger picture, who do we voice an opinion to in OSM to stop this sort of “playing” going on. It seems unregulated, and maybe that should change.

At least if DrishT makes the FB Group users add something either to their profile, or as a suffix to their user name, it would be very appreciated.

I stumbled upon federali’s “paved nodes” not long ago, and removed some of them. But I think federali meanwhile learned that such tagging is wrong. See his changeset comment: “Removed paved tag from nodes”. Still, many of them are likely scattered around the globe.
@Stephan: if you have appropriate tools for removing the surface tags from nodes, please do so.

Facebook’s new naming standard should be easy to recognize:

They are all VLD### or RVR###. From the wiki page, these are the current users:

Mappers: Jaclyn VLD001, Annie VLD002, Alexandra VLD003, Sheffield VLD004, Mei VLD005, Joseph VLD006, Kurt VLD007
Validators: Goerge RVR001, Jeff RVR002, David RVR003, Yunzhi RVR004, Adrian RVR005, Stefani RVR006, Mohamed RVR007

Thanks Johnny…
as a thought, what does one have to do to join the cozy little group ?

“Added paved roads using DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery” edits have also been made by adrianlo as mentioned in this thread.


Thank you for your message Russ, and taking the time to look into these edits. I appreciate it.

You can find out more about our process on the import wiki with our mappers names and FAQ’s. You can also see our proposed Test Drive for editing in Thailand.

Of the mappers you have mentioned federali was the only one from Facebook. These edits were made more than a year ago before our new process was in place. One of our expert mappers Jeff (RVR002) will be fixing those nodes so expect to see him editing.

There are many discussions and lists to follow so if you need a quick response regarding edits made by my team I would appreciate it if you could please e-mail me or ping me to let me know you have made a post about Facebook so you can get a faster response :slight_smile:

While we are in Thailand, if there are other user’s edits we can help you fix, please let us know and we can try to help as well.


I found an easy way to extract exactly the data I wanted to have a look at without drowning in other info.

Here I searched for source=digitalglobe. It returned about 300 ‘hits’ in the area i searched in.
Don’t worry about the codes on the left. You can use the wizard. I exported the result as KML and imported them into Garmin Basecamp.

This is just a small screenshot. Will make an IMG file and keep it on my GPS so I can check it out if I am in an area with source=digitalglobe.