Moore Army Airfield

Last year I changed the tagging of Moore Army Airfield to abandoned:airfield (sorry for the typo back then that was promptly corrected), iirc because somebody was complaining that it was rendered as an in operation airfield. Somebody has now changed that back, without removing any of the tags that indicate that it isn’t in use any more. Given that the last thing I want to get involved in is an inner US edit war, could somebody local check this out?

See Way History: ‪Moore Army Airfield‬ (‪902194773‬) | OpenStreetMap

I’m not exactly local, and this isn’t entirely definitive, but if the NER SCCA schedule is correct they’re having an autocross event on the airfield on April 23, 2023. I don’t imagine they would be allowed to do that on an operating military airfield.

OSM has an active contributor in that corner of the US who’s also involved with the SCCA so if you want a definitive answer…

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I rather think big yellow crosses on the principal runway (and an obvious degraded secondary runway), and large numbers of vehicles parked adjacent to the runway suggest that it is not in use for fixed wing aviation at the very least.

This is going somewhat awry. When I changed the tagging 8 months ago, I had naturally done enough due diligence, however, particularly given the comments on the changeset that “reactivated” the field early this year, it could be that things have changed in the mean time, even if rather unlikely.

i can reach out to the NER SCCA types, i’m NER adjacent and moderately well connected (i’m an active racing official at many NER events.) there are a number of older military fields, mostly left over from WWII, that are not completely inactive but not really active as airfields either. the Drop Zone in Walkill NY is an example; it get used for practice parachute drops and maybe for touch-and-go landings, but otherwise not much else.


got a quick answer from a friend of mine:

Jim: "There is an autocross every Saturday and every Sunday from early April until early November. And big yellow X’s.

Me: “so no aircraft landings of any kind, not even touch-and-go?”

Jim: “Nothing! And it’s been like that since 1994!”


jim is on that airfield today for an event and provided proof it is not “reactivated” as an airfield.