Modifications not reflected on the cycle map layer


I made a couple edit last Friday on “ MLK Jr Way” in Oakland:

I removed a duplicate way called “MLK Jr Way bikelane” and add the, what I think, appropriate tags on the road (cycleway: lane) like it’s defined on the parallel street (West street). Now the street doesn’t appear like a bike lane anymore and the label “MLK Jr Way bikelane” is still appearing on the cycle map layer :

Is that normal? Did I make a mistake? If I compare the West street and MLK Jr Way, I see that the access tags are not defined for the West street (foot and bycycle) but are for MLK Jr Way. Are they in conflict with the cycleway tag ?

I put some screenshots here :

Thank you for the help,


The Cycle layer only updates on (roughly) a weekly cycle. It is run privately by a long-standing OSM contributor (& now commercial provider of map tiles). It’s best to wait a couple of weeks for updates, as I’m not aware of any specialist cycle map provider with more frequent updates (e.g., updates about monthly).

Thank you. Any way to know when the update is made ?