mod_tile not working with

I’m trying to get mod_tile working on FreeBSD, but have reached to a dead end with
I’m using mod_tile svn revision 26341 where the C-version of renderd seems to be replaced by a python version
I’m curious if any of you have got that version working ?

When renderd are being called from the Apache server (/osm_tiles2/0/0/0.png), it prints this
Got V2 request, command(5), xmlname(default), x(0), y(0), z(0)

command(5) is the commandStatus 5, which doesn’t exist

class protocol:

ENUM values for commandStatus field in protocol packet

Ignore = 0
Render = 1
Dirty = 2
Done = 3
NotDone = 4

So in the request returns before getting queued here:

if (request.commandStatus != protocol.Render)
and (request.commandStatus != protocol.Dirty):

How can I get this working ?
Or should I try to find the C-version ?