mkgmap style problem

I am trying to make my own very simple img-map with mkgmap which contains only the for gliding important information.
So I made 3 style files (points, lines and polygons) and just wrote the tags I want to have in the map in it.
But now there are only the lines in the created map not the polygons or points.
What am I doing wrong?
Edit: Okay seems that if there is just one mistake in a style file the whole file won’t be displayed.
The polygons are now visible in the map, but still not the points…

This is what I write in the points file:

man_made=lighthouse [0x41]
man_made=tower [0x42]
man_made=chimney [0x43]
man_made=works [0x44]
historic=castle [0x45]
place=city [0x47]
place=town [0x47]
place=village [0x47]
aeroway=aerodrome [0x48]


You forgot to set the resolution, see the default for example:

And I doubt if 0x41 is working, it should be 0x4100, 0x4101 etc (sub-type must be included)

you should take a look to the default mkgmap style and take the codes from it.


natural=peak {name ‘${name|def:}${ele|height:m=>ft|def:}’ } [0x6616 resolution 24]


Thanks for the replys.
It has to be 0x4000 in the points file, in the other files it doesen’t matter.
Thank you very much!