Mkgmap style files suited for hitchhiking


does anyone happen to have composed a style file for mkgmap which is very well suited for hitchhiking? I am about to make one, but if someone else has already gone through all the pain, I would appreciate if he would share it with me.

With ‘suited for hitchhiking’ I mean that, for instance, fuel stations at motorways are distinguished from other fuel stations (is it possible to do this with mkgmap in the first place?); only the main roads are included; display of irrelevant land use and amenities is limited etc.



Have you looked at the already available cyclemaps? I would assume that they are already quite close to what you’re looking for…

Examples here and here.

Well, I think they are not very close. I happened to have already tried your OpenFietsKaart, which is very nice for cycling but definitely not for hitchhiking, as motorways are not routable…

Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood hitchhiking for hiking which are quite different ofcourse. How silly…

I don’t think anyone has made hitchhiking specific maps yet. As to your other question: perhaps it is possible to determine if a fuel station is part of the motorway network by looking at the connection, but I guess it’s easier just to distinguish them by the distance to a motorway (this can be done with some kind of preprocessing on the OSM data before feeding it into Mkgmap).

Btw, I’m not the creator of OpenFietsKaart :wink: