MKGmap/splitter and more files

I would like to render a Garmin map.

Base is osm data, say a country NL as *.bz2 *.pbf

Then I have also a map: personal.osm with own OSM codes, needed for the style MKGmap. not for use in openstreetmap, personal and no good for common use, it would only pollute OSM.

Can i merge these two files together?

And then work with splitter and MKGmap.

Yes, you can merge OSM files with Osmosis.
Make shure, that the IDs don’t overlap.

Thanks, then i have to read in: Osmosis.

Osmosis and jre7, is that working?

I do not have jre6.

Normaly it should because jre7 is more or less downwards compatible with jre6.

I do not get it, why…

osmosis version 0.41

to test made it simple

I make in JOSM two files:
file: 1.osm with 1 node tag: point=closed
file: 2.osm with 1 node tag: point=open

then copy two files in osmosis\bin

with a shortcut i go to the osmosis.bat file even open window cmd to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Osmosis\bin”
osmosis run run run

C:\Program Files (x86)\Osmosis\bin>

osmosis --rx 1.osm --rx 2.osm --merge --wx merged.osm


no merged.osm file


just get this:

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